Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Portrait Continued.....

You know in the last post how I said old portraits were in recent interior publications?  Well, I found a few for you to look at today.  Please excuse the photo as it was taken by my iphone and is the Elle Decor page - hey, whatever works, right?  Look at that foyer below - what a great way to be greeted.  Not to mention, I love the used candles on the entry table.  It sort of takes you back to that period.  And, how unexpected to sit in the middle of the room, such a great play with space. 

Art is becoming very popular in kitchen these days.  With the absence of upper cabinets, its a great way to warm up a kitchen.  However, that is a whole other post.  Below, a collage of many old portraits probably with new ones mixed in as well, if I had to guess.  You get the idea (small, large, oil, charcoal) any work for me.

Also, I promised some quick snap shots of my old portraits I have found and where they are hung in my home.  I have an added bonus, too!  My good friend Veronica is definitely on trend with hers.  Again, please excuse my iPhone photos and lighting.

Ok... so this guy came from a house down the street.  I was out walking my dogs and noticed a house under renovation.  I knew the house had been empty for a while so was excited to see some movement around it.  As I rounded the corner to pass the garage, I spotted it!  It took me that walk and a couple drive bys later with my husband, to actually stop and ask for the contractor on the job.  SOLD = $50.00.  I probably could have gotten it for 25$, as the contractor didn't see the same value as I did.  ;)  I mean the frame alone I think is worth more than 50$.  It's old guys and I am pretty obsessed with it. 

Ok... so then I have this guy, too.  He was my first old portrait.  I found him at a flea market in Dothan, AL for $80.00.  He is kind of pouty and looks like a butler, but I love him.  I had to paint the frame to spruce it up a bit.  I used a gold leaf paint from Hobby Lobby and am pleased with the final result. 

Here is Veronica's portrait.  After my post last week, she texted me a picture of hers.  How awesome!  I just love him.  She actually found him 4 years ago in her husband's dad's storage unit.  And, that frame is a gem too. Great find!

Random add on - but look at these glass tumblers from Ikea. I am in need of some casual glasses and want white ones.  In my Google search, I  stumbled upon these.  $1.99 each.  I want!!!


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