Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bookcase Makeover

So, as I have stated in the last post, we have recently purchased a home.  And, with that home, came bookcases.  I can't even begin to express my feelings about styling book cases..... TERRIBLE.  I knew I had a task to tackle.  It has taken me 10 weeks to complete these bookcases and the help of a dear friend. Thanks Kimber! :)  However, they are done (.)  I should have taken more before pictures but I am still working on the bottom half of the cabinet.  My wonderful dad is making me new doors and I have ordered new hardware.  I will post a final pic later but for an update, here you go......



I first painted the back of the shelving walls.  I used Sherwin Williams Sealskin.  Next, I replaced the white painted shelving with yellow pine.   I used 2" thick and sanded them down followed by a coat of lacquer.   I needed to bring out the natural colors of the wood. 

I also had to find an alternative for that awful, old laminate counter top.  I couldn't pull it out due to the fact it would rip the top half of the cases out, so I opted to simply enclose them.  I went with a birch plywood to cut the cost down.  When going with plywood, I knew I would have to come up with a solution to hide the edge of plywood.  So, I went to my go to...... metal strips.  This time I chose an L-shaped piece to give a more finished look.

After all the switching out and replacing, I called in help from my dear friend to help with the styling.  After an afternoon trip to Birmingham, we tackled the project.  I added books from the thrift store at $0.75 a piece and simply sprayed them with white paint.  With all the shelving and different objects, I had to create unity.  And, painting books was the easiest way.

A final pic with new doors and hardware to follow.  Please stay tuned for many more updates and the final product.  Also, more to come on a bathroom renovation!!!


  1. books just to fill space are quite an investment! great idea to spray paint thrifted ones!!!!

  2. The colour looks more sophisticated now. Nevertheless, you did a very great job with the bookcase makeover. It makes sense to really beautify this fixture because it obligates you to really arrange those books properly. Messy bookshelves look nasty in a room—that's what they say. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. It'll serve as an inspiration to your readers.

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