Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Thumb Envy

Maybe it's the warm weather or seeing all the luscious gardens on pinterest.  But I definitely am getting the green thumb itch, just a little.  I would love to know how to garden and how to keep it up.  I cannot bear the weather in the dead of the summer, but right now it is so nice out!  I am wishing I knew how to "tend" to my yard a little better.  In the meantime it's nice to see great inspiration to get me going....

1. Traditional Home, 2. Elle Decor, 3-7. Traditional Home

Friday, April 5, 2013

1st Birthday Party

Today I am sharing the recent party I threw for my son's first birthday party.  Let me start by saying it is no where near the quality of all these detailed parties I have seen floating all over pinterest and the blogs.  Props to everyone who has thrown one of those hat is off to you!  

I'm starting off by showing you the inspiration I gathered from pinterest (of course, well else?).  I started out thinking it was going to be giraffe themed but then saw this invitation from paperless post here and just had to go in this direction!  So hence, the party hat/ face theme evolved.  The colors were just blues and greens.  I created and made the invitations, party hats, and banner myself.  Of course they are available to purchase, my new website is in the works, but you can email me at for pricing and designs.  You can go to my pinterest board here of all the party ideas I pinned pin-worthy for our event.  

The invitation
The food table

Everything from the party went swell except for the birthday cake time!  He did not want to quit playing to sit in highchair and did not know what to think of that cake! 

 So we screamed and didn't touch the smash cake!  OH Well....maybe next year!
Sweet girls trying to help- "claude it's ok, look at your cake!"

I literally Laugh Out Loud, everytime I see this picture!  They had the best time playing dress up and worn them throughout the party, playing, eating, etc.  These three in general are a mess and I just adore them!  

I have to share the details about these tables and chairs.  I found these chairs at Tuesday morning for $3.99 a piece!  The chairs are plastic and stack on top of each other.  And the tables are actually parsons coffee tables from Dollar General for only $25.00. The legs just screw off and you can store it so easily.  I think I am going to purchase one more just to have for future parties and paint them all white.  I bought some pink chairs too to add color mix.  My friend borrowed them for her easter egg hunt party.  These are going to be one of the best investments, I can see myself using these so much!

I know you have seen this idea all over pinterest here too!  I had to copy this idea, too cute!  Sorry for the poor image quality here.

Here we go again...mad.  Did not want to slow down for a picture and to wear that darn hat again!  Tissue garland was purchased through etsy and is available here.  You can customize your color selection and it was pretty fast!  I have it hanging in his playroom right now.

Had to include this...just because it was my favorite picture of the day!  :)

Happy FRIDAY and happy weekend!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sarah's Calligraphy

Today I am proud to share some my little sister's calligraphy work.  My sister, Sarah Tate, has recently ventured into the field of calligraphy design to raise money for the mission trips she plans to attend over the summer.  Sarah is officially for hire for any calligraphy or font design work you desire.  She has more designs she is currently working on adding to her etsy site, but I couldn't wait and had to jump the gun and brag on her (sorry Sarah)!  Sarah is currently working on some new fonts for my invitation line (coming soon)!  In the mean time check out her etsy site here or like her on facebook and please share with anyone you think is interested!