Friday, January 18, 2013

Mix Julep

Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to a new clothing line right out of Savannah. Mix Julep!

Mix Julep is a contemporary women's line founded by my friend (and fellow Alabama grad) Kathryn Hayes. I love that the collection is a reflection of Kathryn's style with a nod to her coastal roots. Mix Julep is debuting Spring 2013, so all dresses are currently available for pre-order. What's different about Mix Julep, you ask? All of their dresses are reversible, so you can change your look without investing in another piece. Brilliant!

In their words...
"Mix Julep by Kathryn Hayes collection is defined by the idea that one should get more out of a luxurious garment. Designer Kathryn Hayes has created a line of interchangeable dresses that create two looks by simply flipping the dress. Mix Julep will also allow you to have more room in your closet and suitcase while saving time and money."

"Born out of Kathryn’s love of fashion and desire to create something new in the high end contemporary clothing market, Mix Julep thrives upon the integration of exquisite color, pattern, quality and attention to detail in every garment. Her collection goes from day to night through the use of casual cotton fabrics combined with simplistic yet playful designs to create the perfect go to dress for any occasion."

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