Friday, November 2, 2012

Neutral Territory

If you've had any experience with home renovations or decorating, you know that choosing paint colors is hard. Just when you think you've found the perfect color, it looks completely different once it's up. It happens to the best of us.
Earlier this year, we had our living room repainted. I spent about two months contemplating this paint decision and painted about ten swatches on the wall. We finally landed on Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. Here's an image of Gray Owl pulled from Pinterest.
Once the first coat was up, it was clear to all those involved (myself, William, and the two painters) that it was wrong. I don't know what it is about the light in this room, but what should have been a pale gray more closely resembled baby blue. The painters were even shocked!
We decided to tint the paint to get the blue out. After four attempts, I was finally satisfied. The result was a very pale blue-gray, something I'm happy with but not overly obsessed with by any means.
I guess the lesson of this story is to test your paint samples over and over on multiple walls in different light. And that's exactly what you should do before you use these paint colors I'm about to recommend :)
After spending the last year obsessed with all things white, I've noticed a shift to warmer colors. I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm still mostly drawn to neutrals. I'm a beige/taupe girl through and through but have been known to have a fling with grays every now and then.
Benjamin Moore ~ Papaya
Benjamin Moore ~ Raccoon Hollow
Benjamin Moore ~ Grant Beige
Benjamin Moore ~ Clay Beige
Benjamin Moore ~ Tapestry Beige
Benjamin Moore ~ Manchester Tan
Benjamin Moore ~ Horizon
Benjamin Moore ~ Silver Fox
Benjamin Moore ~ Sparrow
Benjamin Moore ~ Bear Creek


  1. I just repainted my place. Benjamin Moore Light Pewter came out as a perfect light gray (exactly like the above pinterest photo )for me and Revere Pewter was a great neutral gray!

    Leslie Mc

  2. Our living room is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige and we LOVE it! Good luck!