Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leah's Fall Favorites

1. & 2.  Any and every type of western wear.  I might regret it next year, but I am a lover right now. 

3.  I am a leggings person and it is my go-to every time I get dressed.  I love the the Gaps version.  I have the black pair but have my eyes on the grey ones too. 

4.  A leather-ish pant.  Love the color and I am loving leather so it makes for a good blend.  Piperlime has a variety of colors and styles.

5. & 6.  VELVET - LOVE LOVE LOVE.  On the body or in the home, its so chic & stately.  I am still on the look for a perfect velvet trouser in a deep color.

7. & 8. Plaid - It's old school, but I am wanting it.  I even have been looking for plaid Christmas wrapping paper like these pieces.  If you have a source, please share.

9.  Starbucks Refreshers - I CANNOT describe how DELISH these are.  You have to get the caned version.  Strawberry Lemonade is my favorite of the 3 flavors.  SERIOUSLY ADDICTED! 

10. Maroon and this skirt.  Blair from Atlantic Pacific sported it here, or if you want to purchase.

11.  Sweatshirts are a winter favorite of mine and the fact Zoe Karssen has made them stylish makes my year even better. 

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