Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Stair Runner

While browsing blogs or pinning I came across this staircase from designer, Eric Cohler.  Remember my post on him, here?  Well thanks to Mr. Cohler for providing the inspiration for the stairway in my house.  I love the floor to ceiling gallery wall and printed carpet.  Now to make it my own!  

To the left is the "before" photo.  The photo at right shows the stairway after a coat of paint and the start of my gallery wall.

Then came the project: installing carpet and a stair rod, do-it-yourself style.  It was actually a piece of cake.  All that was needed was the carpet, stair rods, a battery drill, and a staple gun.  Start at the top of the stairs and staple the carpet down right under the rise.  Then stretch the carpet over the stairs, making sure to keep it lined up.  Drill in screws for rods, then when you reach the bottom stair, staple again under the rise and you are DONE!  It is so easy.  Since the stair rods hold the carpet in position, there is need to staple all the way down.

I purchased the brass pyramid stair rods from  And the gray zebra carpet runner is from Hampton Interiors located in Fairhope, Alabama.  I plan on adding more gallery frames to cover the wall from floor to ceiling, but I'm doing it over time as I take more pictures and find more art.  The look is casual and warms up the space, not to mention that the carpet helps when tracking up and down the stairs.


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  1. Awesome!!! I really love your stairway after a coat of paint and the printed carpet from the designer. Thank you for sharing the photos. You did a great work by your own "DIY" style.