Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pretty Paper

I have been wanting to post about this affordable art find for a while now. Isn't it so difficult to find large, affordable artwork? I was looking for a large piece of artwork to fill an empty wall in my bedroom and came across a cheap, yet chic, idea for this over sized, empty space. 

 I found this stunning marbled paper on another blog- the blogger had framed a huge piece of paper and hung it as art- brilliant! The best part was that each sheet of paper was hand marbled, making each one very unique. Did I mention they were only $5.95 each? What a steal!

I immediately bought and framed two to hang in my bedroom with large, chrome poster frames I found at Michael's (also cheap). I love the bold, graphic shapes uniquely created in each paper. I went with two different colors of paper for contrast. These beauties are made by Paper Mojo and are the Pirouette Marbled Paper choices- there are other marbled paper options on the site, but these are the prettiest and most graphic to me. They are 24" x 36" in size, however, Paper Mojo can cut to size; although I highly suggest the original size to get the bold graphic look. 

I bought and framed a total of three to do as a series one day over a sofa, but for now, the third one is in my home office:
(sorry for the bad quality iPhone photos)

Here are some better pics of the color choices. The first one is one that I have and is sold out for now, but the other choices are just as eye-catching. 
Gray, Apricot and Raspberry 

Beige, Brown and Dusk

Purple, Yellow and Lilac

Gray, Apricot and Raspberry (I have one of these)

Turquoise, Apricot and Raspberry (I have two of these)

Red, Gold and Green

Black, Gold and Silver

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