Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lafco Candles

Since a friend recently introduced me to Lafco candles, I have been on a mission to buy as many as I can afford.  Have you ever purchased any of their products?  I am currently stuck on the candles because the AMAZING glass containers are reusable after the candle dies.  You can reuse them as tumblers for your home (they are a great size), containers on your desk (paper clip or pencil holder) or a vase for flowers. Not only are their glass containers amazing, but the smells of the candles are divine.  I love the variety of flavors & smells to choose from. I know they are a little expensive but well worth the investment.  Candles are not the only products Lafco offers.  They have men's products, bath & beauty products, and other deliciously smelling goods!   Check out their website here.

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