Monday, October 8, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Before/ After

So, you have seen my nursery, my old house, a bathroom upgrade, and a peek at the front of my house.  Now I am sharing my kitchen with you all!  When we purchased our house 2 years ago, this was our first major renovation project.  It's hard to tell from the "before" pictures but the kitchen was in pretty bad shape.  We basically gutted the kitchen, replacing the cabinets, appliances, ceiling and floor.   The house is almost a 100 years old, so we ran into our fair share of problems, but nothing we couldn't hurdle over.  We completed the kitchen remodel before we moved in so we didn't have to live in a mess.  Being able to have the workers come and go as they wanted without disrupting our lives helped make the process go by pretty smoothly.  If I posted this a year ago I might have more negatives comments to say, but after time goes by you think, huh that wasn't so bad.  We will see if I feel the same way when I start on the next remodel projects while living in this house.  

We also took out the wall that separated the kitchen from the breakfast room.

 My inspiration was a basically just a fresh, updated look, with simple clean lines.  I really enjoy having the natural light from the 3 windows and wanted the kitchen to remain light and airy.  One of my must-haves for the new kitchen was the cabinets to the ceiling, in this case it was 10' feet high.  I just hate that wasted space between the cabinets and ceiling that just collects dust.  We went with the white carrara marble and chose a gray (SW Summit Gray) cabinet color.  As you know, marble stains very easily so I asked the marble company to make 2 cutting boards out of the sink template.  I highly suggest doing this if you decide to use marble in your kitchen, we use these for coffee, wine, and other foods that might damage the marble.  I am no photographer but here is the current, finished look.  

I LOVE having the one bowl deep sink!  Hands down one of the best decisions of the remodel.  It makes washing dishes so much easier.  

and other things.......

close up of backsplash

The butler's pantry faces the breakfast area and was already built in the house.  Isn't it nice to have some things you don't have to change?  All it needed was a fresh coat of paint to get by and I painted the inside the same color as the kitchen cabinets.

White carrara marble, SW Summit Gray cabinet color
Gray glass tile blacksplash- Hampton Interiors Fairhope, Alabama


  1. Amazing remodel! I love the cabinet color paired with the marble

  2. Do you mind sharing what color the cabinets are painted?

    1. Sorry I had to locate it- it's SW Summit Gray.

  3. Kate, you have a great eye for design! :) I am so impressed! This looks amazing. - Caroline W.