Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hair Product - 101

With my mother owning a salon (beauty shop back in the day), I feel I have used every single hair product known to the 29 year old adult.  I was her guinea pig for new shampoos, straighteners, brushes, and hair masks.  I suppose I am lucky to have never had to buy a bottle of shampoo or good shampoo, at that.  So, over the years I have found my favorites.  A few are more expensive than other but some on my list are at a pleasing price.   Here goes.....

Alterna has a great product for preventing damage - White Truffle anti-aging  leave in treatment. 
 I love their shampoos in this line too.  

Matix's awesome intense hair mask!  I wrap my hair in a hot towel after I apply the product.

There are not words for this brush by Keratin.  It retails around 32$ but is well worth the money.


Shimmer Lights is a great inexpensive shampoo (found at Sally's) for taking the yellow out of your hair from to much sun or the curling iron.   Use it ONLY once a week though.

Blast from the past but still to this day my ALL TIME FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner- TIGI Bed Head Control Freak.  It also has a 3rd step serum which is pretty superb too.  I use all three for taming my frizz.

GHD (Good Hair Day) is my favorite brand of flat-iron.  Their products are pretty solid and they stand behind them.

This Baby Bliss blow dryer is like no other.  It's a little bit of a splurge for a blow dryer but I promise you it will decrease your blow dry time by minutes. 

Femodyl leave in conditioner.  I have used this since I had hair.  It even used to come in glass containers.  Also, found at Sally's a great hydrating product.  I apply to towel dried hair and let my hair air dry.

Redken Smooth Down is great for hair dried hair.  I apply after the drier and before the flat iron.  It's not as oily as other frizz taming products.

And, save the best for last!  If you buy one product off this list, please let it be this.  It is an AMAZING leave-in detangler.  I seriously cannot live without it.


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