Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Surprises

Are y'all good with surprises?
I kind of swing back and forth. Being the control freak that I am, sometimes it's difficult to be caught off guard with things. Usually, a mix of shock and discomfort is written all over my face. Big surprises are especially hard (nice jewelry, last-minute vacations, etc.). That gives me anxiety just thinking about it.
Then, there are the good surprises...the really, really good ones.
Like coming home from work yesterday to find this on your dining room table.

I should have known that Ellen (my sister) would do something cool like this. Her wedding is sure to be sweet, sentimental, and thoughtful...just like her.
Something Old...a picture of me and Ellen when she was a baby.

Here's a close-up. Aren't we cute?

Three thoughts about this picture.
1. Ellen looks scared for her life.
2. That fabric was pretty cool. I wonder where that sofa is now.
3. I wonder what happened to my finger. Then, I remembered that I used to put bandaids randomly on myself as a child, so there's a good chance there's absolutely nothing wrong with my finger. What a weirdo.

Something New...a great shade of nail polish by Essie. It's name "Walk Down the Aisle" is very appropriate.

Something Borrowed...and of course, I said yes!

And Something Blue...our bridesmaid dresses!

My other good surprise came earlier this week. I came home to a vase full of lilies. So pretty.
September 25th marked ten years together for me and William. Y'all know I'm not cheesy, but I will say that it's true that time flies when you're having fun. Here's hoping William is in for another ten!
Hope your weekend is full of good surprises.


  1. I must still have post baby hormones b/c I cried when I read this post. SO cute and sweet! :)

  2. Ellen is so creative! That is so cute Anne Read! And, nice job Willie Pete! :)

  3. What a great surprise! Thanks for sharing. Good job Ellen!