Monday, September 10, 2012

Before After Living Room Makeover

One of my friends, Erin Kelly, recently bought a new house that needed a major facelift.  She is going room by room furnishing and decorating, and she makes it seem too easy especially with two under two around the house!   It's fun to see the step by step process, especially when it's not your own home.  She agreed to let me share her living room makeover with you all.  One of my favorite things about this room is the artwork.  Erin is all about having interesting, original artwork in her house.  And after visiting her parents' home, I see where she gets this trait.  This room really started with the circle prints.  Erin shared a blog post with me about the circle brushed artwork and it inspired her to paint her own.  It also inspired me to do my own post on it, here and create some for my own for my house.  It is hard to tell from the photos but they are framed in black and gold, with a white mat and look AMAZING in person!  The before picture is how the previous owners used the space.  New paint, new floors, some bookcases removed, some metallic grasscloth added in the remaining bookcases, and of course new furnishings = new and improved room!  I can tell you from going in the house in the "before" state, the room seemed dark and felt small, as if it was closing in on you.  But now it is a spacious sitting area.  Thanks Erin for letting me share.  And I will share more from her home to come.



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