Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Surprises

Are y'all good with surprises?
I kind of swing back and forth. Being the control freak that I am, sometimes it's difficult to be caught off guard with things. Usually, a mix of shock and discomfort is written all over my face. Big surprises are especially hard (nice jewelry, last-minute vacations, etc.). That gives me anxiety just thinking about it.
Then, there are the good surprises...the really, really good ones.
Like coming home from work yesterday to find this on your dining room table.

I should have known that Ellen (my sister) would do something cool like this. Her wedding is sure to be sweet, sentimental, and thoughtful...just like her.
Something Old...a picture of me and Ellen when she was a baby.

Here's a close-up. Aren't we cute?

Three thoughts about this picture.
1. Ellen looks scared for her life.
2. That fabric was pretty cool. I wonder where that sofa is now.
3. I wonder what happened to my finger. Then, I remembered that I used to put bandaids randomly on myself as a child, so there's a good chance there's absolutely nothing wrong with my finger. What a weirdo.

Something New...a great shade of nail polish by Essie. It's name "Walk Down the Aisle" is very appropriate.

Something Borrowed...and of course, I said yes!

And Something Blue...our bridesmaid dresses!

My other good surprise came earlier this week. I came home to a vase full of lilies. So pretty.
September 25th marked ten years together for me and William. Y'all know I'm not cheesy, but I will say that it's true that time flies when you're having fun. Here's hoping William is in for another ten!
Hope your weekend is full of good surprises.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project Renovation

I have mentioned before that I have a degree in interior design and currently work in real estate. So, needless to say, I love to look at houses - old and new, big and small. I especially love to find an old "fixer-upper" and figure out what I can do to bring it back to life. I have bought, renovated and sold a hand full of houses and am about to start on a new one that I want to let you in on. I feel like we have found a real diamond in the rough with this one. Granted, it is a HOT MESS right now, but I think it's going to be great when we are finished with it. The demo starts next week. I am going to keep you updated through the whole process, so stay tuned!

Entry looking into the Living Room

 Living Room

Office/Study - The floors are orange linoleum

 Take a look at that awful kitchen!

Breakfast Nook overlooking the Pool

Dining Room

Family Room

Bar in the Family Room

One of the upstairs bathrooms

One of the upstairs Bedrooms

Back View

Pretty Golf Course View from the Front Porch

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stripes + Black & White

This season I have my eyes peeled for stripes in black & white. I love its crisp contrast, and it is just as stately in spaces as it is on the body. I truly believe black is everyone's color.

images via pinterest

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our weekend and great gifts!

As Kate mentioned, this past weekend we all ventured down to Enterprise, AL for Leah and Justin's nuptials. It was a great wedding and we cannot wait to show you pics from the reception. 
Here are all five of us together!
Charlotte, Lindsay, Leah, Anne Read and Kate

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you the unique bridesmaid gift that Leah gave us. I know it is hard to come up with a unique gift for this occasion and she came up with a great gift that we will treasure forever. 

Leah's dad is a skilled carpenter who creates some really beautiful pieces. With Leah's creativity and his skills, they can come up with some beautiful things. For our gift, they took 40 year old aged walnut, cut it into smaller pieces and sealed it to make beautful serving boards. Yes, that is the original color! We can also use them for cutting boards. Aren't they beautiful and each so different?

Among other things Leah gave us, these earrings were also our favorite! Leah actually made these after being inspired by a pair she saw. They are simple, delicate and can be worn all the time. We love these, Leah!

And last but not least, here we are with our crazy friends having some fun in the photo booth! 

Hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did!

Monday, September 24, 2012

NC Trip, Part II

Last Monday, I posted about the first leg of my little trip to North Carolina starting in the mountains.  The second part of my trip was to Pinehurst, NC to visit my family.  I lived in Pinehurst the first half of my childhood and have many fond memories of this quaint, little town.  We spent most holidays at the Village of Pinehurst and this place still feels like home.  The Pinehurst area is home to over 40 of the finest golf courses, all within a 15 mile radius.  The Pinehurst resort has 8 courses, with Number 2 being the most famous.  If you are a avid golfer, I highly suggest a trip to this town!  
Below is the front entrance to the Carolina Hotel.  During Christmas time when I was a little girl, I was enchanted by the huge bright star they put up on the top of the hotel.  I was always trying to figure out how they got that star up there every year!  I'm pretty sure my parents told me Santa or his helpers delivered it. Another holiday highlight is the incredible gingerbread house exhibition they feature in the lobby every year. 

A view of the side of the hotel and pool area.

And if you send the boys off to play golf, you must spend a day at the hotel's on-site spa!  It is beautiful and a wonderful facility.

Just blocks away are the Village of Pinehurst Shops and restaurants.  It is a cute area to walk around and do a little shopping.  When I was little, my mother worked as a realtor in the village, so I spent many school afternoons, walking around and popping in the sundae shop for some ice cream.

The Members Lodge at No. 2

My favorite restaurant in the Village, Theo's- a little greek tavern with courtyard seating.

Since we were coming in town and bringing the baby, my dad's friend let us borrow his vacation home for the week.  This way we could spread out and have extended family stay comfortably as well.  I'd say we were quite cozy in this 8 bedroom, 6 bath home and its incredible outdoor area.  Below is the pool view looking at the back of the house.  The weather was wonderful and I spent time everyday at the pool- what a gorgeous retreat!

Claude was meeting my parents dog, Bear for the first time and boy did they become fast friends.  How cute are they both sitting and posing for the camera?!

Here are more pictures of us relaxing by the pool and enjoying a little family time.  We had a wonderful time being able to slow down for a week. Too bad we can't do it more often!    

On another note, Leah got MARRIED this past weekend, and we can't wait to share the reception pictures!  Every detail was incredible and she spent a lot of time making her vision come to fruition.  Here's a little sneak peek of the wedding via a camera phone:
Happy Monday!