Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Saint Hotel : New Orleans

About two weeks ago, I headed to New Orleans for work.  I have my "go to" hotels  and always choose which part of town to stay in depending on my mood.  If I am wanting a smaller hotel with local flare, I opt for the Hotel Provincial on Chartres in the French Quarter. I love it's quaint, Southern charm.  If I want to stay in a big chain hotel (love those points), I choose the Renaissance Pere Marquette on Commons.  I love it's swanky, modern vibe! However, for this trip, I was wanting to check out a new a new hotel.  Part of Marriott Hotels and opened only six months ago, The Saint Hotel is  my new favorite! One of Marriott's Autograph Hotels, it is unique and one of a kind. Boasting contemporary design coupled with local influences, it has such a lovely atmosphere.  I so enjoyed my time in this lovely place! The designer brilliantly played with scale and proportion, as you can see from the pictures below.  

all images via hotel website

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