Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deenie Hartzog of Bourbon + Gloss

I'm Deenie from Bourbon & Gloss, a beauty lifestyle blog where city and south collide. I'm super excited to be on Collect 5 today; thanks for having me, ladies!

It’s especially true in New York, since we don’t have cars to keep our this’s and that’s, but all over the world, women want to cover their beauty bases from office to after hours. Here are a few essential items a gal can carry in her bag to make life, well, a little prettier.

Six Essentials For Every Girl’s Bag

The Bag.
Ok, so it doesn’t have to be a Stella McCartney bag, but every girl needs at least one “nice” bag. A super chic tote like this one dresses up any low-key look, but holds its own at the chicest of cocktail parties.

The Scent.
Joe Malone makes a wealth of refreshing, clean scents that translate effortlessly to any occasion. Spritz a hint of “Grapefruit” or “Lime Basil and Mandarin” on your neck, wrists, or you know, anywhere in your wake.

The Pop of Color.
By the end of the day, your bronzer has de-shimmered, your blush has worn thin, and any semblance of “morning glow” has faded to a dim flicker. Be sure to keep a revitalizing blush and bronzer in your bag like Smashbox’s Be Discovered Cream Cheek Trio. Simply apply with your fingers and you’re ready to put your best face forward.

The Bold Lip.
No matter how you paint it, a vibrant, bold lip is the best quick fix for a tired face. If you’re feeling sluggish, bring on the brights. It will not only make you feel better, but it gives your look instant glam in pinch.

The Refresher.
Five words: Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray. Y’all, this stuff is magic water. I keep one in my gym bag, one in my purse, and one at my desk when I need a refresher. Because the soothing qualities of mineral water revive tired skin (not to mention it feels like spritzing angels on your face), it’s perfect for hot summer days.

The Feminine Finish.
Sometimes you just want to throw your hair up and call it a day. Keep an elegant silk scarf with you at all times--whether you don a headscarf, tie it on your neck, tuck it into your blazer pocket, or sling it around your purse strap--it’s the perfect ladylike finish to any day or night look.

The Pick Me Up.
A girl should always keep an under-eye cream with her at all times. Whether your dry skin simply needs a little help, or your post-workout face needs some gentle hydration. Mama Mio’s Eye Know is formulated to hydrate, de-puff, de-bag, and brighten. Take it from me--a miniature pump of this all-doing eye gel works wonders for tired eyes.

Deenie Hartzog is a beauty, health, and fashion writer, as well as a marketing copywriter. She is an advocate of bright lipsticks, chambray, Bikram yoga, French bulldogs, and Maker’s Mark bourbon. She is southern born-and-raised, but now resides in Brooklyn, New York. Read more of Deenie’s work at

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