Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Susanne Rowell of Tenth Avenue South

Hi! I'm Susanne from TenthAvenueSouth and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of our renovation projects with you.

My husband bought our 1956 house when we were dating. Little by little, we've transformed it into the home we share and love today! Our first big renovation project was the kitchen. No more tired laminate... we completely gutted and remodeled our original 1956 kitchen ourselves! The only thing we kept was the floor. We demoed, repaired drywall, installed lighting, installed cabinets, appliances, faucets and fixtures. We painted, installed molding, and tiled the backsplash. We finished the kitchen remodel just in time to celebrate our 1st anniversary in our first home.

We LOVE the result. Our white and gray kitchen has completely changed the look of our whole house.
You can read more about our kitchen renovation here.

About a year later, after we finally recovered from our kitchen renovation, we decided to tackle our master bath. The original green tile was charming, but beginning to show its age and the bathroom as a whole did not function as well as we wanted it to. Once again we demoed, drywalled, poured floors, tiled, painted, and accessorized! We kept the sink and toilet, but everything else is new.

When we finally finished our renovation we were so pleased. It made all the hard work worth it!
You can find the real reason we started this bathroom renovation and all of the details on my blog.

Thanks again, Collect V ladies, for letting me share!

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