Monday, June 4, 2012

Inside My (old) Home: Before and After....

One of my favorite things about interiors is before and after segments.  I love to see how different people envision an outdated space and transform it into a completely new look!  While organizing my old photos, I came across the before pictures from my old house and thought I would share with you my first before/ after experiment.  Not as much of a wow factor as my current house (it needed major revo), but I am still in the works over here, so another time.  Just a new coat of paint and scrapping the popcorn ceilings helped this house.  And the kitchen, you may not can tell from the photos but it was a raspberry and candy stripe pink hot mess!  Yes rapsberry colored laminate countertops for the kitchen- no thanks!  New tops, new cabinet drawers and doors, new hardware, pendant light, and travertine blacksplash- tada- new look!  I would not choose this now but this was 5 years ago, interesting to see how my taste has already changed since then...enjoy!  

Kitchen before:
 Kitchen after:

 Living room before:

 living room after:
 Den before:
 Den after:

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