Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Pretty Summer Side Braid

Every time I see a photo of Olivia Palermo, I find something else about her that I love. Whether it's her clothes, accessories, makeup, etc..., she always catches my eye. She just gets it. I love her hair in this photo above. What a pretty and simple side braid! With the help of, we can have our own Olivia Palermo braid.

Here's the how-to:

Step One: Mist damp or dry hair with refinish dry shampoo to create the gritty texture that will support the aesthetic of this style.

Step Two: Create a loose center part.

Step Three: Pull hair in the back to one side. Separate into two strands. Loosely, imperfectly entwine the two strands, thus creating a braid. Swing it over your shoulder.

Step Four: Rub palms along the hair's surface down each side of the crown. This ruffles the texture some more.

Step Five: Finish with a final blast of refinish dry shampoo to increase texture and volume.

Wala! I am going to try it, but who knows how well it will turn out with my super thick hair!

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