Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fake it 'til you make it

Summer is almost here and I have had the following conversation with many people as we transition (thank goodness) from winter pale into summer bronze:

Do you know any good self tanners?

Well ladies, I have found a product that is literally fool proof and so easy to apply! Tan Towels!

The ladies at Woo turned me onto this product and I love it. They are basically wet wipes with self tanner on them. You simply wipe down your body at night and voila, you have a nice color in the morning. They do not stain your sheets either! I suggest two things: start in your middle section when the towelette is fresh and then do your legs last (helps with the whole fool proof thing). Another tip is to apply plain body lotion over top the self tanner to help spread the tanner/coat your body better. Tan Towel does have their own On the Glow moisturizer you could purchase for this step. 

I suggest buying the full body box ($24-$27 for 5 pack) and the half body box ($24-$27 for 10 pack). I use a full body towelette at night all over- including my face- and then to really boost the color, apply a half body application on my face, arms and legs in the morning. Yes, these are safe for your face too! 

I use the ones for skin ton. Don't be afraid of the color, as the fair is really light. Unless you are very light skinned, I would go for the medium to dark skin tone towelettes. These are just great and you will have no streaks and no orange coloring! You can buy them at many retailers (including Woo Skincare in Atlanta), Amazon or here

Another great self tanner for face is Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Glow Pad. I love Dr. Dennis Gross products and this one is no exception. These pads are similar to Tan Towels but have anti-aging benefits. If you are looking for a self tanner with more benefits or a product specifically for your face, this is your best bet. They are $45 for an 8-pack and while pricey, totally worth it. You can get these at many retailers (also sold at Woo in Atlanta/Nashville), Amazon or here

Both of these products are great options before you hit the beach or for a little color boost in between spray tans and vacations!

Images 1 and 2 from www.tantowel.com; Image 3 from www.dgskincare.com

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  1. Tan Towels are the BEST! I have been using them for years. I love the Tan Towel Plus half body which can easily be used on your whole body. I will have to check out the glow pads too!