Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Boy Clothes

Last week I posted on baby girl clothes here, so it's only fitting to follow it up with the boys this week.  Also since I have a little guy I have learned a lot more about boy's clothing.  Starting out my favorites were the Kissy Kissy covertible gowns, they are soft and come in great basic colors.  At first we used them as gowns then when he starting kicking and moving around more just snap them up as pant legs = genius!

Burberry, Splendid, Kissy Kissy, Marc Jacobs available at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales
Ralph Lauren has some great options for babies ranging from their classic polos to the footed Kimono 2 pieces.  The top left green coverall outfit below can be personalized with a custom monogram of your choice here, choose your color, next decide if you want a horse logo or monogram, then choose your stitch color = pretty cool!  Middle seer sucker diaper cover can be monogrammed too!
Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


Kissy Kissy

The last two pages are some of my favorite outfits of my little one.  The middle left is the Kissy Kissy convertible gowns as mentioned.... I embarrassed to say how many we have!
L-R: 1-5. Kissy Kissy, 6. Bailey Bros, 7. Eiseman, 8. Bailey Bros, 9. Target, and 10. Gap

Top L-R: Auraluz, middle- Kate & Libby, bottom L-R: Petit Ami, and Old Navy

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