Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Morning Staple....

I know it is cliche to have Starbucks as a morning staple, but I seriously
have a bad morning without this white & green cup of joe in my hand. I must admit it has taken me years to actually perfect. But, now that I have it is now stellar! I must share and insist you try the next time you need some caffeine to get your motor running. I start with a grande of the very normal Pike Place blend.

Followed by 1-1/4" steamed organic soy milk.

Which is sweetened by 1 and 1/2 packets of Sugar in the Raw.

And, lastly you must request NO FOAM! You sound picky saying it but it makes a difference. I promise it is worth it!

And where there is drink there must be food! Have you tried the Kind bars? I know you have seen them but have you actually bought one? They come in very,very assorted flavors but my favorite is the blueberry vanilla cashew! Anne Read.....Any comments? She loves them too! They are healthy, all-natural and gluten-free!!!!

-posted by Leah Shea for Collect 5

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