Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maternity Clothes

Alright, let's face it. Cute maternity clothes are few and far between.  Most pregnant ladies are feeling fat, swollen, unattractive, or all of the above.  I've had several friends ask me to do a post on what to wear and where to buy maternity clothes.  Yes, I've been putting it off (for months...sorry).  

Personally, I have been a leggings/big top type of girl.  I haven't liked the fitted tops or ones with gathering on the side.  All of Gap Maternity tees are like this unfortunately.  Another thing I have learned is that if you are busty, it is best to avoid an empire waist or things that tie.  This look isn't very flattering. Trust me, I know from experience. Try sticking to the "bag" look or things that hang, drape, or button up.

Also, there are very few people who can pull off sleeveless and strapless when pregnant. So unless you have stick thin arms, wear a little sleeve.  It is much more flattering.  And be aware of your backside! You don't see it, but others do.  Don't wear a low back top or anything really tight on your back unless you are positive of how it looks and feel comfortable showing it off.

I hope all the pregnant gals have enjoyed hearing my tips. Dressing while pregnant can be so hard! I always welcome a little advice :)

Here are a few of my maternity finds.  I will admit that the elastic band pants are pretty awesome! I am tempted to keep those around post-baby!

1. Asos red dress $62.67 
2. Topshop colorblock dress $100.00
3. Pea in the Pod black dress $69.99
4. Asos black dress  $44.76
5. Ali Ro dress $199.99
6. Asos pink wrap dress $68.04
9. Gap skinny jeans $69.95
10. BCBG gray blouse $159.99
11. BCBG top $89.99
12. Tucker blouse $229.95

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