Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Planning!

I texted Lindsay this picture earlier this week asking if this is what I look like. Crazy eyes? Tense hands? It's confirmed. It's me.

In hopes that 2012 will be your most organized year yet, I'm sharing my favorite planners for the year. There's no reason your planner can't be both functional and stylish! Aren't they cute?

2012 Kate Spade Planner

2012 Pocket Planner

8 Days-A-Week Planner

Jonathan Adler 17 Month Agenda

Laurel Denise 2012 Planner

2012 Polka Dot Weekly Planner

2012 Lattice Weekly Planner

2012 Mom Agenda Pink Date Book

2012 Pool Datebook


  1. This makes me laugh out loud! Annie, you can spread your fingers that far and I have seen it!