Thursday, January 5, 2012

A few of OUR favorite things

We thought it would be fun for us to share our favorite Christmas gifts we receceived this year! We are sad to see the holidays end, but are excited for what 2012 will bring! What was your favorite gift this year?

Kate: My husband gave me this beautiful pearl necklace from the Hill Collection. I blogged about her collection here and you can buy them here.

Anne Read: I have mentioned I needed a pair of lamps for my living room and I got these beautiful Robert Abbey lamps from my husband (they were on my wishlist)!

Charlotte: My favorite gift(s) were the two duffles I got from Bric's Life Collection- they are functional and pretty!

Lindsay: I love the Timex watch my mom gave me- it's a mix of military and classic styles.

Leah Shea: My favorite Christmas present was the commissioned piece of artwork from Ashley Terrell- the white and gold colors are just stunning! Ashley has paintings for sale or you can have her commission a piece for you! Visit her blog here (or click on her ad on our blog).

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