Friday, January 13, 2012

Celerie's Black & White

I was lucky to receive Celerie Kemble’s Black & White (and a Bit in Between) for Christmas this year. Thanks friend :)

Let’s just call it like it is and confess that choosing paint colors for your home is hard…really hard. I was so happy to find a little direction from Celerie. In this book, she reveals her top choices for black and white paint colors. Here are samples of her favorites with short descriptions from Celerie herself.

Benjamin Moore’s Carbon Copy
“Infused with a violet undertone, this is slick, glossy, and cool.”

Farrow & Ball’s Off-Black 57
“Very dark but a little soft, which means it plays well with other colors.”

Farrow & Ball’s Railings 31
“This has a subtle hint of brown, so I call it old park bench black.”

Benjamin Moore’s Soot
“As the name suggests, the underlying theme here is gray and blue, making for a moodier paint shade.”

Pratt & Lambert’s Old Mystic
“It’s an olive black, but I use it as though it’s pitch-black.”

Benjamin Moore’s Night Shade
“This has the subtlest tinge of aubergine.”

Benjamin Moore’s Black Bean Soup
“This is a great brown black.”

Fine Paints of Europe’s #167
“This is my go-to paint brand for an exquisite high-gloss finish. I’ve found it’s the best way to achieve a lacquerlike effect.”

Ralph Lauren’s Bone Black TH16
“For those who want the blackest black.”

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove
“A hint of cream makes this my favorite white when I want some warmth.”

Benjamin Moore’s Super White
“My whitest white. Highly reflective, great for floors. Doesn’t compete; lets other colors be ‘true.’ My go-to ceiling and molding color in modern spaces.”

Benjamin Moore’s Linen White
“Absolutely classic. A bit warm and not overly crisp, meaning it never looks brand-new. Fades into the background, offering support to the other colors in the room. My kitchen cabinets are linen white, since I wanted the room to look lived in instantly. It’s convenient that many brands of tiles, window shades, and premade woodwork come matched to this color.”

Farrow & Ball’s Pointing 2003
“This is a warm and enveloping neutral that I would use on walls in the ‘estate emulsion’ finish for a chalky look.”

The Rollison Collection’s Calm (Sorry, I couldn't find a picture online.)
“This is an ethereal, very pale gray that is slightly warm and best in a matte finish for a soft glow. I would use it on walls or consider it for a ceiling, since it’s neutral enough.”

Fine Paints of Europe’s #2, #5, #17
“As they did with black, they nail the high-gloss finish. It’s pricey but worth it.”

Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone
“A tiny bit trendier that its other white counterparts, this shade is a touch cool.”

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