Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Banquette Style

We have a great breakfast room in our house with lots of natural light. It has the potential to be a really pretty room, but right now it is sort of a mess. Currently, the dining table is covered in paperwork since I am also using the room as a home office. Not good when it comes to meal time. I want to get this room organized so we can actually use it for it's intended purpose. We are both getting tired of dinner on TV trays. With that being said, my plan is to have a banquette, table, and chairs on one side of the room and a big desk on the other. I really love the look of banquettes and think they are very functional as well. I can't wait! I have someone coming to build it next week. I will post before and after pictures when the room is finished. For now, take a look at these I found for inspiration!

Love the idea of extra storage. Like these below, I would like to have the seats open and close.

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