Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few of my favorite [beauty] things...

Happy Thursday everyone! It has been a while since we have shared a beauty-related post, so thought I would share a few of my favorite beauty things! Who doesn't love a good beauty/makeup/hair/face product recommendation?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aveda's Air Control hairspray! Before I found this gem, I hardly ever used hairspray. It holds so well and is pretty light (no helmet head here) because it is an aerosol spray- which, I find, makes a difference.

YSL Gloss Pur #5- This is my favorite lip gloss for fall and winter. I know it looks a bit purple in the picture, but it is not. I just love the berry stain look it leaves; you can apply a little for a subtle stain or a lot to vamp it up. YSL glosses are my favorite for lips and I actually ended up with this one by default, as the store was out of #4 which is what I wanted. I love them both now! My other YSL go-to is their Golden Gloss- use these if you want a little shimmer. I use Golden Gloss #10 but you can't go wrong with any of them.

(Golden Gloss Pur #5 is second from the left)

Has anyone else jumped on the Moroccan Oil band wagon yet? This stuff is genius! I got a sample from my cousin who is a hairdresser and have been obsessed ever since. First and foremost, it smells amazing! Second, it makes my hair so incredibly soft and smooth. There is no product out there that is comparable! It seems a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way with this stuff. It is a must before any hair styling!

Kai Body Lotion- I got Leah hooked on this body lotion the last time she was in Atlanta- it is amazing! It has the cleanest, freshest smell and is equally as good at moisturizing your skin as any other. This gardenia-scented find is just addicting! If you live in Atlanta, pick yours up at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics.

These are my three picks for nail color this fall: OPI's You Don't Know Jacques and French Quarter for Your Thoughts and Essie's Chinchilly. Oldies, but goodies.

I have always loved Carmex, but hate when any of it gets in my mouth. Yuck! I was so pumped when Carmex introduced its famous lip balm in a stick. It serves its purpose and I never have to taste it again. This stuff is really the best!

You must use an eye primer or base if you want your eye makeup to stay on all day. I have blogged about this product before so I couldn't leave it off my favorites list. I think that Trish's Eye Base Essentials Eye Primer is the best.

One of my most favorite eye shadows is Bobbi Brown's Velvet Plum Metallic Shadow. It is so versatile! You can use a little for a subtle effect or pile it on for a smoky eye. It looks purple, but it is more of a brown shadow with some shimmer. I also love that it looks different on everybody- Anne Read and I both use it and it looks completely different on both of us (trust me, she hates purple and would never buy this if it looked purple on her).

Hope you enjoy the recommendations!


  1. Lindsay,
    I am so obsessed with that Aveda hairspray! I seriously wear it every day, and I think I'm officially addicted to the smell of it--so good!

  2. Thanks I will for sure be trying a couple of these!