Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Savannah Soap Co

This one is for my Savannah people :)

Don't you just love when a friend makes a recommendation that is EXACTLY what you've been looking for? A big thank you to my dear friend Courtland for this one!

The Savannah Soap Company is now open on the southside. This upscale laundry service is sure to show up most dry cleaners and self-service laundromats.

I cannot wait to take my sheets, duvets, and table linens there to be washed and pressed. I absolutely hate washing/drying sheets! Wouldn't it be so nice to drop them off one morning and pick them up later that day all pressed and ready to go. I think so!

The lines of laundry soaps and cleaning products they carry is pretty impressive too - Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers, and Charlie's Soap to name a few.

All images courtesy of www.thesavannahsoapco.com.

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