Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet Collect 5: Leah Shea

1. Where did you grow up? Where do you currently live?
A small town in the "wiregrass" - Enterprise, Al. Currently, I live in Tuscaloosa, Al - Roll Tide

2. What are five things always in your purse?
Wallet of course (I need a new one - any suggestions?), sharpie pen, nail polish, Wrigley's Prism 5 sugar-free gum, hair tie, and Visine

3. What is your favorite trip you've ever been on?
A trip island hopping in the BVI's.

4. What would be your "last meal" if you had to pick one?
This is a tough one for me as I plan dinner over lunch. A steak (ribeye) medium rare, 1 fried chicken finger, parmesan turffle french fries, turnips and a slice of cheesecake plain.

5. What is your favorite thing hanging on your walls?
My vintage coffee bags I cut in half and wrapped around 3/4" plywood. I have a whole stash of them waiting on me too! I plan on one day running them down a hall.

6. What is your everyday lip gloss color?
I rarely wear lip gloss (only at night) but my favorite is my YSL Golden Gloss

7. What sunglasses are you currently sporting?
Tom Fords and about 7 pairs of cheap-o's from Forever21

8. What is your favorite flower or plant?

9. What is your signature perfume?
Narciso Rodriguez for her

10. What is your favorite home find that you scored for a deal?
I have two. My vintage blue velvet was free. I inherited this from a very close family friend. Literally, I claimed this sofa when I was 10 years old. It sat in storage for many years until now. I finally get to use it!!! AND...My turquoise lamp I bought at a pawn shop for $40.00. I did have to change the shade though.

11. What is your drink of choice?
Fountain diet coke with lemon (I'm trying to cut back) or a good Pinot Nior from Oregon or New Zealand

12. How many siblings do you have? What's the birth order?
None. I am an only child.

13. What is your "real" job? What was your major?
Currently, I am in sales for a dance retail company, Capezio. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design and worked in the industry for about 2.5 years while in Atlanta and DC. I hope to one day return to the industry and have my own firm.

14. What is your favorite pair of jeans?
my skinny jeans with seams up the front & back from the Gap.

15. What is your favorite memory of Lindsay?

This is a tough one because I have tons of "Lindsay" stories. My favorite memory occurred post-college. We were all in Tuscaloosa for our dear friend Cassie's engagement party. After the party, we insisted on throwing down at our favorite dive bar - Gallette's. I remember myself, Charlotte, and Kate talking when Lindsay approached us. It was clear that she was very distraught. "Someone spilled their ENTIRE drink down my back, and they didn't even apologize. My dress is soaked!" Lindsay was furious. We tried to comfort her and suggested she go to the bathroom to clean up. Once we were in the bathroom, we got a good look at Lindsay's back. We were speechless. She quickly became suspicious of why we were acting so strange. I think it was Charlotte that finally broke the bad news. "Lindsay, I don't think someone spilled their drink on you. I think someone got sick on your back." Yep, that's right. The "drink" turned out to be vomit. Needless to say, our night ended shortly after.

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