Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Collect 5: Charlotte

1. Where did you grow up? Where do you currently live?
I grew up in and am now back in Mobile, Alabama

2. What are five things in your purse?
wallet, a mini flashlight (I sell lots of foreclosure real estate which means no power), Orbitz bubblemint gum, hand sanitizer, & a good pen ( I can't stand to not have a pen when I need one)

3. What is your favorite trip you have ever been on?
St. Lucia for our honeymoon. Beautiful mountains, beaches and teal water.

4. What would be your last meal if you had to pick one?
I would have... the Caprese Salad from Pricci in Atlanta, Tuna from Paoletti's in Highlands, NC and for dessert, the Oreo Cheesecake from Ruth's Chris here in Mobile.

5. What is your favorite thing hanging on your walls?
Probably my Saluki dog charcoal drawing that I found at a local antique mall.

6. What is your everyday lip gloss color?
I really don't wear lip gloss very often, but wear Bobbi Brown when I do.

7. What sunglasses are you currently sporting?
Ray Ban Aviators or a few other pairs of cheapies.

8. What is your favorite flower or plant?

9. What is your signature perfume?
Michael Kors

10. What is your favorite home find you scored for a deal?
My most recent score is an awesome lamp that sits on a chest in my den. Kate was with me when I got it for $38 at an estate sale!

11. What is your drink of choice?
Diet Dr. Pepper by day and Champagne or a good Oregon Pinot Noir by night.

12. How many siblings do you have and what is the birth order?
I have two siblings - I am the oldest, Mary Virginia is 25 and Reilly is 23.

13. What is your real job and what is your degree in?
I am a real estate broker, but my degree is in Interior Design. I worked in the ID field in Atlanta for two years after college and LOVED it, but made a career change when I moved back home.

14. What is your favorite pair of jeans?
Right now, it is a pair of black skinny jeans from Forever 21. They have zippers up the ankle.

15. What is your favorite memory of Kate?
For spring break our junior year in college a huge group of our friends went to the Bahamas. We had the bright idea to drive to Fort Lauderdale from Tuscaloosa to catch a boat that would take us to our sunny destination. It took three days and two overnight stops to actually get where we were going. On the way down, we made our first overnight stop at Leah's parents house where our excitement built for the upcoming week full of sun, pretty cocktails, and each others company. It being 2004 and not 1974, all of us had fully functional rolling luggage with of course a pull-up handle. You know, this decades standard luggage. Well, we all had it except for one - Kate. She had a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage. I'm not sure how she got her hands on it, but she loved it. To make sure we are on the same page, I need to let you know that it was vintage. By the word vintage I mean it was a flimsy rectangular bag with 4 small casters and a strap that would be suitable for a wristlet clutch. Boy was she proud of this pretty bag - it really was. As we were packing up to head on to Fort Lauderdale from Leah's parents house, Kate was faced with a real emergency...the Louis would NOT zip back up! We had not even made it out of the state of Alabama. What a shame right? She wanted to carry it so bad. So bad that she made us an hour late leaving so she could pull and yank and pull and yank some more to try and get it closed. She really wasn't taking no for an answer. After and hour, Leah's sweet mom pulled an old piece of luggage out of their attic for Kate to use. It was from Wal-Mart circa 1995. Not okay with Kate, but she had no choice. So, with a defeated look on her face she rolled into the Bahamas with her wally world luggage!