Friday, November 4, 2011

Brook Farm General Store

Earlier this week, I ran across the most perfect general store. Brook Farm General Store out of Brooklyn offers a well-curated variety of simple, basic goods. Since I don't have a trip to NY planned in the near future, I'm really glad they offer an assortment of items through their online store.

I would love to have a similar shop in Savannah. It's the kind of place that I would walk in to "browse around" and end up leaving with my bags full. Enjoy!

Rose Water has been a favorite of Italian women for years and can be used for everything from laundering delicates to a facial toner.

How cool are these Postalco Notebooks? I would love a few for my constant list-making!

The Hammam Towel can be used as a wrap or as a throw. I think it would make a great gift!

I bet these Linen Bath Towels are so soft!

I would use a Wire Storage Basket to hold some of my many, many magazines.

I don't think this Dog Bowl is large enough for Fisher, but I think it would be cool for a small dog.

Fisher could use a Leather Dog Collar and Leather Dog Leash. I bet these would hold up really well.

The Rope Door Mat would look great at any front door.

These Straw Market Baskets could be used for a variety of things. I would take one around shopping at the Farmers Market.

This Block and Tackle Keychain would be a cute stocking stuffer for any guy.

I think I would use this "tool" bag as a purse! I bet this Canvas and Leather Bag looks even better with age.

The Teak Mini Scoop could be used for sugar, coffee, flour, whatever!

This Tea Ball is obviously meant for tea, but I would use it mostly for herbs while cooking soups and sauces.

For all you straw lovers (ahem...Leah!), these Stainless Steel Straws would last forever.

For the guy that doesn't like watered-down whiskey, how cool are these Whiskey Rocks?

The Tourne Berry Bowl is the perfect solution for rinsing berries.

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