Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Time Is It?

Time to get a new watch! A new, CHEAP watch!

J.Crew has been selling classic Timex watches for a few years now.

I would be lying if I said that I have never been tempted to buy one for myself. They're so versatile and can work with a variety of casual looks. Case and point...

I've talked myself out of buying one countless times because it's absolutely ridiculous to pay $150-180 for a Timex. How J.Crew pulls it off, I'll never know.

In a brilliant move by Timex, they introduced the Weekender, a watch very similar to the J.Crew versions. They are currently being sold at Target and WalMart for about $30. (Update: Target has sold out, so hit up Wally World quick if you want one.)

What do you think? Are they as good as the J.Crew versions? Close enough?

Thank you to Leigh Ann with Urban Grace Interiors for the info! This is such a great find!

Image 1: jcrew.com. Image 2: staysnooty.blogspot.com. Image 3: jcrewaficionda.blogspot.com. Images 4-7: walmart.com.

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