Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Like a Local: Savannah

Living in a city that's also a tourist destination definitely has its perks (friends and family always visiting), as well as its drawbacks (traffic jams downtown because tourists don't understand how to drive around squares).

One thing is for sure, friends are always asking for recommendations of where to go and what to do while visiting Savannah. People want to make the most of their time here, and I don't blame them. Savannah's a cool place. Today, I want to highlight a few favorite places to grab a drink in the downtown area.


Location: one block from Forsyth Park on the rooftop above Local 11 Ten
Best for: happy hour drinks or girl's night out
Good to know: Perch offers a bar menu that's perfect for a light dinner.
More information: Local 11 Ten

A few of us hit up Perch last week for drinks, and as always, we had a blast.

Me with Ellie and Cassandra

Cassandra, Elizabeth, and Rebecca

Me with Courtland

Me with Cassandra and Elizabeth

THE OLDE PINK HOUSE(downstairs bar)

Location: Reynolds Square in the basement level of the Pink House restaurant
Best for: after-dinner drinks, great wine and drink selection
Good to know: The tavern has an excellent piano player that plays most nights. He's the happiest man in the world, if you ask me. Try to get the comfy leather chairs next to the fireplace.
More information: The Olde Pink House

THE BOHEMIAN HOTEL (rooftop bar)

Location: Savannah Riverfront on the rooftop of the Bohemian Hotel
Best for: happy hour, before or after-dinner cocktails
Good to know: Late night can sometimes turn loud and club-like (I sound like a grandma). Grab a table or lounge chair outside.
More information: The Bohemian

Image 1: www.local11ten.com. Images 2-5: property of collect 5. Image 6: www.plantersinnsavannah.com. Image 7: www.nytimes.com. Images 8-10: www.bohemianhotelsavannah.com.

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