Thursday, October 6, 2011

Effortlessly Evan

At only 24, Evan Rachel Wood has already made waves in Hollywood and it is not only because of her acting skills. I will admit, I have continuously stereotyped her because of her Marilyn Manson phase, but in the past few years she has become her own fashion statement and I am kind of jealous of what she can pull off. I love her edginess and ability to just be herself. In her new film, she gets to make out with Ryan Gosling- definitely street cred in my book.

Check out the movie trailer for Ides of March here. Can you think of a better collaboration of actors? George, Ryan, Evan, Paul and Marisa....amazing! I cannot wait to see this film premiering October 7. Also check out the article on Evan in this month's Marie Claire or online here.


  1. wow she looks so different with short hair! i like it

    love from San Francisco,

  2. I like it too! She can definitely pull it off! Thanks for reading!