Monday, October 3, 2011

eBay Love

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with eBay. Not only do I love buying on eBay, but I am also a very advanced seller, with over 900 listings to date, to be exact. I worked retail for years and was used to buying everything at a discount, just to buy. Because, let's face it, when you are working at Saks Fifth Avenue, having an employee discount is like a SALE everyday! Not to mention, those double discount days were T-R-O-U-B-L-E! I quit working just before I got married because I was relocating with my husband. I had more designer clothes than I could wear, more than I needed, and more than could fit in my new closet (I had to let him have some space). I was now outfitting a new home, in addition to myself, so extra cash was appealing. I started selling some of my clothes on eBay. All of my items were either new with tags or very gently worn (maybe once), thus began my eBay escapade. If I am being completely honest....I may have listed some undesirable wedding gifts, eeek! You will not believe some of these incredible steals I have found on eBay! Here are a few of my favorite finds....

I just purchased these bedside tables for our master bedroom- they should be in a week or so. Check back and I'll post pictures of what they look like in the room.

I also recently purchased these chairs but have not decided on what color to paint them or what fabric to reupholster them with. To complete my dining room, I need a dining room table. I found a lucite one on eBay that I just might have to buy next. I have not recovered this fantastic bench yet either- another great find!

Other great purchases from eBay: kitchen faucet, kitchen sink, 10 x 13 antique rug, and the vintage architecture prints below. This rug, another eBay purchase, is in my Dad's clothing store in Raleigh, NC, McKenzie Tribe. How precious are our dogs, Bear and Moose? They love going to work with my dad!

Oh and by the way, if you read my post from last week, Pink or Blue, the answer is BLUE! We are having a boy- no name yet but check back for nursery posts, as I start to design mine and embark on this new adventure.


  1. I will totally be checking your ebay shop out! Great stuff!

  2. Great post. You are so great at ebay!