Thursday, October 20, 2011

Design*Sponge at Home

Who doesn't love a pretty new coffee table book? It is even better when the contents are actually worth reading! I spotted this book the other day at Anthropologie and the cover alone had me hooked. I love Grace's blog and would consider her one of the design blog pioneers (she started Design*Sponge in 2004!). I didn't even know what a blog was back then!

Grace has super cool style and has a great eye for affordable design. She says she has been waiting to do a book for years and I couldn't be more excited to pick up my own copy! For other great coffee table books, check out Kate's post here.

Did you notice that the foreword is by JONATHAN ADLER! You know you have made it when...

She is doing a book tour and making a stop in all of our great Southern cities. How cute are the posters she has come up with for each city?! I especially love the Birmingham poster featuring the Alabama Theater marquee. I will definitely be stopping by the signing here in Atlanta at West Elm. At each signing, she will teach the audience how to do a craft project (not your momma's kind)- you have to RSVP for this and there is a cost, but it includes the book. If the craft project event is sold out, you can still attend the regular signing. Here is the schedule:

Raleigh: October 24

Asheville: October 25

Savannah: October 27

Charleston: October 26

Birmingham: November 1

Athens: November 2

Atlanta: November 3

Nashville: November 15

Check out the book trailer here to find out what it's all about!

Oh, and there is a special edition version at Anthropologie, with 16 bonus pages.


  1. Of course these book tours NEVER come to Memphis!
    p.s. just got Bryan Batt (aka Salvatore Romano from Mad Men)'s book Big Easy Style and LOVE IT! So much fun!