Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crazy about Coupons

I am not referring to that crazy couponing craze featured on TLC. I am referring to all the great "deal" websites out there- i.e. Groupon, Living Social, etc. I am sure many of you have heard of the major deal powerhouse, Groupon, but have you heard of the others? I get email notifications from four of them: Groupon, Living Social, Scoutmob and Half Off Depot. While some may say this could easily clog up your inbox, I say it's worth it. I literally have not paid full price for a mani/pedi in months because of these great coupons! For those of you new to the e-deals world, here are the best of the best- I have featured the ones who have deals in cities across the Southeast to keep you covered!

Groupon- The original e-deals/coupon site and probably the best. Southeast cities: All of them. Check your city out here.

Living Social- These deals often last more than 24 hours and if you buy, then refer 3 friends to buy, yours is free! Southeast cities: Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Little Rock, Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, all major cities in FL, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham-Chapel Hill, Charleston, Greenville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and many more. Click here to find your city.

Half Off Depot- Probably the newest of the group, but nevertheless full of great deals! I most recently bought 5 coupons for Treehouse, a local spot I frequent most often. For those of you in Buckhead, you know this is a good one since we all spend way to much $$ here anyway. Southeast cities: Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Little Rock, Athens, Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jackson, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis and many more. Check them out here.

Restaurant.com- My dad introduced me to this one. You buy gift certificates for restaurants on this site- usually $25 for $10, etc. Each restaurant has different deals to offer, but the standard is $25 for $10. Read the small print, as some restaurants have days of the week you cannot use them and a minimum purchase. The fine print is pretty reasonable because the minimums are usually what you would spend anyway, IMO.

Sweet Jack- Another new kid on the block here- I have not tried Sweet Jack yet, but have friends who have. They have a great variety of deals and the best part is that you get your vouchers to print within 10 minutes of purchase. Other sites wait a day or two to email the voucher (or have them ready) and I am guilty of forgetting about them after that long. I think I will give this site a shot! Click here to learn more. Featured Southeastern cities: Fayetteville, Atlanta, Montgomery, Mobile, Savannah, Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, Shreveport, Huntsville and Tallahassee.

Scoutmob- This is probably my favorite (not just because it was founded in Atlanta), but it is limited to iPhones (sort of) and a few cities. I know it is about to get ridiculously popular, so watch out for it in your city. They add new deals daily for restaurants/attractions/stores that are a specific percentage off. The deals last a certain amount of time (usually 3 months) and all you do is pull it up on your iPhone for them to scan at the point of sale. You can use the deal only once per person and there is usually a max discount. I have used this for clothing boutiques, restaurants, museums, etc. They recently came out with a Blackberry app but not sure how it compares to the super cool iPhone app. Southeast cities: Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Houston, Dallas and Austin for my Texas friends. Download the app here.

There you have it, my top picks for deals on the web for your local city. Some are more popular in certain cities than others, but this is the future for deals and I am certain all of your cities are on these sites' radars. Happy deal-finding!

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