Thursday, September 22, 2011


During my recent travels for work, I have found myself in antique/vintage stores during my workout down time. I have been very pleased with my finds (as luck definitely plays into what I found) and of course the $$$ amounts. I have always been one to prefer old vs. new. And, I steer, almost always, clear of "factory-produced looking" furniture. I mean we must admit it is a lot more fun to look around a space and have a story for each piece, right? See my finds below and tell me what you think...... I also have included a couple vintage articles new to my wardrobe.

[ mod chest - $35.00 ] a great purchase from a hometown spot-Earl's Thrift store. Maybe, if y'all are lucky, next time I will do a post on his store and even include a picture of Earl. A nice, clueless man at what paint can do for an old piece of furniture. Of course, I painted this piece- high lacquer white.

[ coasters - $10.00 ]
Can you believe they were so inexpensive????

[ mini bicycle - $9.00 ] Charlotte has a vintage bike on her coffee table that I just LOVE! hint hint Charlotte.

[old iron scales - $20.00] This is probably my favorite find! (this came from Earl's too)

[ kaftan / boots ] - both purchases from Funky Monkey on Magazine St. in New Orleans, LA. I can't wait to wear the boots this fall with a LBD.

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  1. Charlotte (Collect 5)September 22, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    Have you seen the chest in West Elm that looks just like yours? It's $400. Yay for you! I love all of your new stuff!