Monday, September 12, 2011

Team Eric...Team Bill....Team Dexter?

Did you tune in for the season finale of True Blood last night? What did you think...Hit or miss? Should Sookie have ended up with a vampire? I was hoping so and have been pulling for Eric the whole season. I am totally Team Eric all the way! What about you? Team Eric or Team Bill? As the season comes to an end, we loyal fans know there is a long 9 months until the 5th season roles around. Thank goodness for prime night-time television. If you want to see the upcoming fall line up, check it out here and here.

eric skarsgard by leahsheadonaldson on

eric skarsgard by leahsheadonaldson on

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Eric, Bill and Soocki in Rolling Stone - True Blood Photo (14866341) - Fanpop by leahsheadonaldson on

Also, with the end of True Blood comes the beginning of another "premium show" series. DEXTER!!!!! If you're not a follower, no worries, you have time to play catch-up before the 6th season launches Sunday, October 2nd on Showtime. It is my FAVORITE show on television. PROMISE!!! And, this season should be no disappointment as Colin Hanks joins the cast of this serial-killer show. Here is a sneak peak of what we should expect to see this season. A whole bunch of thrilling goodness if you ask me! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

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