Monday, September 26, 2011

Pink or Blue

I have something very important on my mind right or blue? For those of you that don't know, Joe and I are expecting our first child in the spring. We find out on Tuesday what we are having, so in anticipation of the big news, all things pink and blue are swirling in my head. Which will it be?

SO exciting.....check back to find out!

1. Muscat wallpaper
2. chairs and table
3,4, & 5. Printed Rugs
6 & 7. Serena and Lily
8. pink lamps
9. Savannah changer
10. printed rug
11. Elephant towel from B. Braithwaite
12. books
13. printed rug
14. Jonathan Adler throw
15. Serena and Lily
16. print
17. pink fabrics

1. printed rug
2. walrus towel from B. Braithwaite
3. Timid whale
4. printed rug
5. Serena and Lily
6. printed rug
7. Serena and Lily
8. Worlds Away Lamp
9. rush hour wallpaper
10. Serena and Lily
11. Regency crib
12. blue fabrics
13. Animal print
15. Jonathan Adler throw
16. Kelly Wearstler trellis print pillows
17. Animal farm wallpaper

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