Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper and more

I have a thing for Paper Source and Kate's Paperie stores, they inspire and overwhelm me. I could spend hours just looking around at everything and could spend way too much $$$ as well. Featured here are some of my favorite things in both stores such as their calendars, agendas, and wrapping paper.

The tan binder is an address book. I have one in red I bought nearly 5 years ago when Joe was living in NYC. The Kate's Paperie store was just a couple of blocks from his apartment and I used to spend hours looking around trying to figure out if I really needed everything in my cart? But years later I am still using my address book and you can buy refill pages for it, so yes indeed, I did need it! Another purchase I made was the passport holder, mine is gold. And yes, I still use it whenever I am able.

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