Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet Monica

Yup, that Monica.

I have been called Monica on more occasions than I care to admit. And trust me, it's not because I look like Courtney Cox (I wish!). It's mostly because I am bossy, competitive, freakishly strong, and a bit of a neat freak. Don't you want to be my friend? :)

Lucky for you, I don't plan to delve into my bossiness, my competitive nature, or my strength on this blog, so let's focus on cleaning, shall we?

To be clear, I'm not one of those crazy people whose home looks perfect 24/7. That's plain weird. I just function well with organized closets and drawers where everything has a place.

Since I have an entire board on Pinterest related to organizing, I thought why not share with you guys. Here we go...

I'm obviously obsessed with all the jars, but notice how they placed baskets on the bottom shelf to corral wine bottles, chips, and other things they wanted out of sight. This is such a clever idea for a pantry.

The perfect solution for gift wrap and tissue paper. We don't want wrinkled tissue paper now, do we?

Use a hanger made to hang multiple pairs of pants to store ribbon.

Convert a bench to discretely house files and office staples.

A beautiful closet with space for everything. I love the idea of sorting and folding shirts by color.

Even if your closet isn't this luxurious, you can achieve a more unified look by using the same hangers throughout your closet.

A linen closet is organized by labeled totes for each room. A great idea for homes with several bedrooms so sheets don't get mixed up.

There's no need for that closet full of games, convert a large drawer into a place for go-to games and all their pieces.

Here's another look at a beautiful linen closet. Notice how the sheet sets are wrapped with pillowcases to avoid confusion.

Use short tension rods in cabinets to store pans, trays, and cutting boards.

I love that even though the jars are all different shapes and sizes, it still works.

Here's inspiration for homes that are short on space. Use a hall closet for linens, laundry, and bathroom storage.

Boxes for detergent are not very attractive. Use large jars for detergent and stain remover.

A tray in the bathroom is a great way to organize your most-used beauty products and jewelry. Add bowls and julep cups to organize small items.

All images via Pinterest.

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