Thursday, September 8, 2011

Medicine Cabinet Medley

When I mention medicine cabinets, do you automatically think dated and rickety? Maybe, you are thinking of the one above your pedestal sink in your tiny college bathroom that is painted shut. If so, dispose of the image, because I am here to introduce you to this decade's medicine cabinet. They have definitely come a long way and we have Robern to thank for that.

For six months, I worked in kitchen & bath design and fell in love with Robern. I assure you when I redo my bathroom, I will save up some cha-ching just to place these beautiful, yet functional (which is key) components in my bathroom. Let me start by saying they come 2 ways: recessed or hung. I prefer recessed. There are many, I repeat many, series styles offered by Robern. For example, you can customize your cabinet swing to open left, right or vertical, add the cold storage unit for face creams, opt for the heat element to prevent fogging and/or select framed or frame less construction. Also, they offer many finishes....matte and colored or shiny and reflecting. Electric shelves and position-held doors are available for convenience, or why not add the automatic nightlights? To me the last one is a must and if you really want to splurge, select the integrated TV system. I seriously cannot explain the many styles/sizes/finishes/frames/accessories you can have with these cabinets. IT IS ENDLESS!

Below are a few of my favorite Robern cabinets. Who is to say they only have to go in bathrooms? How lovely, in my opinion, would these be in a foyer? Just imagine a pair of 30"x 52"cabinets... flanking a cased opening...elongated with an arched top- beautiful! What a great way to conceal a purse, keys or mail....very discreet!

Take some of your time and get lost at I promise it is worth it.

Are you in love like I am?

all images via [Robern]

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