Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Hill Collection

One of my good friends, Jamie Hill, started a collection of vintage jewelry called the Hill Collection. I asked Jamie a few questions about the her jewelry, so here is our little Q&A:

me: Tell me about the collection.

Jamie: The Hill Collection is a collection of European vintage jewelry. It includes both costume and fine jewelry. I love costume jewelry because it's so well made! Some of it has held up so well for 200 years! I have pieces that range from as early as the Georgian era (1714-1830). The newer pieces that I carry are made from vintage remnants by artisans in London. The prices range from $45-$2600.

me: What are some of the trends you picked up on this last buying trip?

Jamie: I love how trends are cyclical and I can always find vintage and antique jewelry that is "current" for today's trends. On my last buying trip I bought several necklaces with tassels and lots of sterling silver lockets and charms for layering on necklaces.

me: Where all do you travel to find these pieces?

Jamie: It seems like the hub of good vintage and antique jewelry is certainly London. However, I love to shop all over England and hope to make contacts in Paris and Edinburgh in the future.

me: Where can people buy your pieces?

Jamie: The Hill Collection is sold at Henhouse Antiques in Birmingham. The website is currently under construction so for now people can check out my facebook fan page. Most of the inventory is pictured on Facebook and if you live out of town, just message me and we can arrange payment and shipment over the phone.

The Hill Collection at Henhouse Antiques

1900 Cahaba Road Birmingham, AL 35223


Below are a few pieces featured from the line. To view all of the pieces, please go to the Facebook fan page, here.


  1. Yes please! Vintage jewelry is a must and these are stunning! Plus my last name is Hill so they are even more amazeballs!

  2. Great to see- Jamie has a great eye for this. Christmas will be here soon, hint hint!