Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Happy Thursday everyone! Because all I can think about is the long weekend, I thought I would let you in on one of my most guilty pleasures: the infamous Stoli Doli from Capital Grille!

Capital Grille restaurants can be found in most major cities, so next time you see one, stop in for this fabulous signature cocktail! Click here to see their locations.

Our Stoli Doli lineup at Capital Grill Atlanta last weekend!

Because of my love for Stoli Doli's, I have been curious how to infuse my own vodka at home. This is a great idea for your next dinner party, tailgate, birthday celebration or celebratory anything, for that matter! I found this recipe online and it is exactly as the bartender at the Capital Grille here in Atlanta described. Stoli Doli's are very simple, which is what makes them so exceptionally good- the only thing in the drink is pineapple-infused vodka!

At-Home Stoli Doli:

1. Slice the fresh pineapple in chunks and place in a large glass container, preferably one with a spigot like an ice tea jug. You may not need all the pineapple, just enough to fill the jug.

2. Pour regular Stoli vodka over the pineapple until container is full.

3. Cover and store in a dark place (cabinet works) for 10 days.

4. On the 11th day, you are ready to serve! Chill your martini glasses, sugar the rims, shake your vodka over ice and pour!

(Only leave the pineapple in the container until about the 13th day-it will go bad. Your vodka will still be delicious without the pineapple in the container)


Headed to Savannah this weekend with Kate to visit Anne Read! So excited! Hoping to drink some banana daq's on Tybee and recreate this scene from 2008 at a place called Scandals...hotttttt messssss!


  1. We need to make a batch of those for our Atlanta Football watching crew...yum!!!!!!!!!!