Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fall Lineup- Part 2

Ready for the fall television lineup part 2??? Here are the great shows premiering this month at the end of the week, so take note:


Up All Night- Christina Applegate and the charming Will Arnett play later-in-life new parents in what hopes to be one of the best new comedies of the season. Maya Rudolph plays Christina's high maintenance boss and should not disappoint. I cannot wait to see this one!! Premieres September 14, NBC, 10 PM EST
Modern Family- The season opener for my all-time favorite comedy is on a dude ranch- gosh they have awesome writers! I cannot wait to see Phil be the "expert" cowboy and Mitchell try to prove his manliness. Also this season, Cam and Mitchell contemplate adopting a boy- yay! Premieres September 21, ABC, 9 PM EST
Happy Endings- Anne Read told me last spring that I should not miss this show and she was right! Last season's "little comedy that could" really proved its worth. This season will bring us back to the one year anniversary of where it all started- Alex running out on marrying Dave! Seriously, this show is hysterical and a must-see. Premieres September 28, ABC, 9:30 PM EST


The Office- Michael Scott is out and a new manager is in. The producers have yet to release who will take his place as manager of the Scranton branch. I cannot wait to find out though! James Spader is now officially cast as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin and will appear in 15 episodes this season! Premieres September 22, NBC, 9:00 PM EST
Grey's Anatomy- Last season left a lot of questions, per usual, on Grey's Anatomy. Will Christina keep her baby? Are Derek and Meredith splitting up amidst adopting a baby? Premieres September 22, ABC, 9:00 PM EST
Parks and Recreation- If you don't watch this show, you must! It is absolutely hysterical and Amy Poehler delivers every time. This season we will see if Leslie Knope gets lucky in love and the return of the entertaining Rob Lowe. Premieres September 22, NBC, 8:30 PM EST
Private Practice- I promise this show is still worth watching- I might like it more than Grey's now (seriously)! Season 5 will pick up moments after last season ended with Pete suffering a heart attack. This season, Addison contemplates having a baby solo, goes back and forth with Sam and may be involved in a love triangle with another doctor- cue the always sexy, Benjamin Bratt. Premieres September 29, ABC, 10 PM EST

Other shows premiering this season to note:

Dexter (people love this show!)-October 2, Showtime, 9:00 PM EST Homeland (new series with Clare Dane)- October 2, Showtime, 10:00 PM EST Boardwalk Empire- September 25, HBO, 9:00 PM EST
How I Met Your Mother- September 19, CBS, 8:00 PM EST
2 Broke Girls (new series)- September 19, CBS, 8:30 PM EST
House- October 3, Fox, 9:00 EST
Castle- September 19, ABC, 10:00 PM EST
Raising Hope- September 20, Fox, 9:30 PM EST
Harry's Law- September 21, NBC, 9:00 PM EST
Community- September 22, NBC, 8:00 PM EST
The Mentalist- September 22, CBS, 10:00 PM EST
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, September 15, FX, 10:00 PM EST
Whitney (new series)- September 22, NBC, 9:30 PM EST

And don't miss the Primetime Emmy's on Sunday, September 18 on Fox at 8:00 EST!

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