Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fall Lineup- Part 1

While the end of summer can be depressing, there is one thing that I really look forward to- FALL TELEVISION PREMIERES! Fall brings the return of old favorites and usually a great lineup of new shows to take up space on your DVR. I admittedly spend about an hour each year gathering my fall TV schedule and thought I would share- after all, I wouldn't want my hard work to go to waste. So here is your fall television cheat sheet:


The Good Wife- people seem to love this show and I am definitely going to check it out this season.

Premieres September 25, CBS, 9 PM EST

Desperate Housewives- I am still a viewer and will tune in for the last season. The producers promise that this finale will not be radical or leaving viewers guessing- thank goodness. Hopefully, it will return to its roots with story lines that hooked us seven seasons ago.

Premieres September 25, ABC, 9 PM EST

Pan Am- I am probably the most excited about this new show and really hope it lives up to all the hype! I cannot wait to see all of the amazing costumes and sets, and hope it gives Mad Men and Playboy Club a run for their money.
Premieres September 25, ABC, 10 PM EST


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- thank goodness this is back! This is one of the best RH's as of yet.

Premieres September 5, Bravo, 9 PM EST

Gossip Girl- Although the Juliet mystery was overkill, my loyalties remain and I will tune in to swoon over Chuck Bass and see Elizabeth Hurley join the cast this season.

Premieres September 26, CW, 8 PM EST

The Playboy Club- a new drama based on Hefner's private Chicago club- can this one stand up to the ever-popular Mad Men? Even though I think he and Leann Rimes are uber-annoying, it does feature Eddie Cibrian, who is pretty pretty.

Premieres September 19, NBC, 10 PM EST

Hart of Dixie- I just love Rachel Bilson and because of my teenage obsession with the O.C., I will be tuning in! This could be really cute or a huge bust...we shall see.

Premieres September 26, CW, 9 PM EST


The Rachel Zoe Project- I am so excited for the return of this show for many reasons: to see Rachel pregnant, to learn more catch phrases to use with "bananas" and " I die," and to see who is going to replace Brad!

Premieres TONIGHT, September 6, Bravo, 10 PM EST

Glee- After all the rumors about who is leaving and who is returning, I am excited to catch this addictive show in its third season.

Premieres September 29, Fox, 8 PM EST

90210- Kate and I may be the only people still watching this show, but I cannot help it. I was addicted to the original and love this one as well. The kids have graduated and the show will follow them at CU, while introducing some new characters. I am anxious to see if Naomi and the nerd alert actually make it too!

Premieres September 13, CW, 8 PM EST

New Girl- Here is a new Tuesday night comedy featuring the adorable Zooey Deschanel. Zooey's character is a jilted schoolteacher who moves in with three random guys. The reviews are good on this one, so I will be watching!

Premieres September 20, Fox, 9 PM EST

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Part 2 coming Thursday...

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  1. Lindsay--I can't freaking wait to see what happens on Gossip Girl! Glad to see I'm not the only one still into the show...