Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beauty Bargain

As the beauty segment continues on this Thursday morning, I am delighted to share with you my top 2 favorite beauty finds under $10.00. Mine are quite simple and I have used these 2 items for years. So in the past 1,460 days, roughly speaking, these products have never let me down. The first is an everyday staple and I am sure you have it somewhere in your bathroom. It's petroleum jelly....or good ole' Vaseline. But, to me it is my eye make-up remover and every time, it works like a charm. Having really sensitive eyes (even Bobbi Brown irritates) it's hard to find an eye make-up remover gentle enough for everyday use. I inherited this trick from my mom in high school. Thanks mom!

Next up, my hair ties. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and only found at the Dollar Tree....not Dollar General or Family Dollar. Yes, I live in Alabama. here is the what is so special about these simple, black hair rubber bands: they are thick, not thin and flat not round like the ones everybody is familiar with. They are clasp free and no matter how many times you use them or wear on your wrist they do not stretch out. GENIUS!!!! Oh, and they cost a one dollar for a pack of 20. My best purchase yet from the Dollar Tree!

Next up, a product I don't have but is definitely on my to-do list for the week. I must order these fantastic twist bands from well.... They are FABULOUS and are guaranteed not to leave a crease! Check out the variety of colors and styles. Oh.... they even look good on your wrist if not in you hair - See Below!

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