Monday, August 29, 2011

Towel Time

I am one of those people who is a complete fanatic about two things. (probably a little more, but whose counting???) Right now in my brain two items come to mind.
The first one being sheets and the second one being towels. I will say these two share a similar trait....and that being color. Well....or colorless. I am a WHITE TOWELS and WHITE SHEETS only kind-of-girl. Why do you need color with this daily staple? Save the color for your beach towels!!! In my opinion, GO WHITE. I know towels (for the most part) are concealed behind cabinet doors...and sheets are covered by your comforter or duvet. But, what a delight to open up a door and find all nicely folded, matching white towels? Some photos are below in case you disagree and need a little proof. Also, I have a towel recommendation..... if you want a little pricey set check out If you want to be a little frugal, I know this is random but go find a Cynthia Rowley set. (TJ MAXX has them) shhhhhhhhh. As for sheets, only one suggestion.... Anichini all the way.

images via [anichini & pinterest]

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